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Seabreeze Long Lariat, Baroque Pearl + Chalcedony

Dive into a world of refined Bohemian beauty with our Seabreeze Long Lariat, a mesmerizing creation that captures the essence of the sea’s enchanting allure. Hand-crafted in Italy by Mela, she features two chunky 35mm baroque pearls with a captivating lavender luster mixed with four aqua chalcedony gemstones securely swaying at the end of a double-strand lariat woven with metallic champagne silk. Shimmering like moonlight dancing on tranquil waters, the Seabreeze Long Lariat is a true masterpiece with mystical powers believed to align the mind, body and spirit. She’s a piece that speaks to the free-spirited wanderer within you, inviting you to explore uncharted shores.

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Length: 41”