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Cassandra Striped Palazzo Pant

We love the way the Palazzo pant has been reinvented several times over and continues to be a fashion-forward style, exuding both confidence and glamour. The relaxed-fitting palazzo pant originally worn by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, first started trending in the 1960s by fearless ions like Katherine Hepburn who preferred the looser more comfortable flared pant. Coco Indigo's striped version hugs along the hips with a self-tie at the waste and a medium flare leading from the knee downward. The unlined linen fabric used in our Cassandra pant provides a slightly structured style over the more exaggerated flowy flare of those bygone days, which makes these an easier choice to strut across any surface your mood takes you. 

Model is also wearing: Navy Stretchy Criss-Cross top from our Gracie Basics collection, Azzurro Denim Jacket, Mother-of-Pearl Necklace in Navy & Sand, Elinor Moonstone & Coin Pearl Necklace.